Certificate in Understanding Modern Slavery

Image of Robin Watts
Robin Watts International safeguarding expert
Course 44min 9 modules

This modern slavery training course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to ensure you are complying with your duty of care towards pupils who may be victims of modern slavery.

CPD Certified

All staff should acquire the relevant training to equip them with the knowledge and skills to recognise modern slavery. The Home Office advises that “even staff that may only rarely be in situations where they might come across modern slavery can benefit from a basic understanding of what to look for”. With an estimated 8.4 million children and young people in slavery in the world today, schools and colleges have a significant part to play in identifying and reporting modern slavery to help combat it.

Delivered in high-quality video CPD format that has been skilfully organised for busy workloads and is accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere, our training has been designed to provide maximum learning potential in the leanest, most cost effective and most time-efficient manner.

Developed by Robin Watts, international safeguarding expert, this modern slavery training course will provide you and your staff with the core content you need to ensure you are complying with your duty of care towards children who may be victims of modern slavery.

Please note: This training course consists of learning through video, task completion and further reading/research. Please consider this when planning and allocating your time. To successfully understand and achieve the objectives of the course, learners are expected to engage in all aspects of the learning process to ensure they can successfully apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own setting.

This course has been designed in line with the following policies:

  • Modern Slavery Act 2015
  • Human Rights Act 1998

Important note for non-UK learners: Although this modern slavery training course reflects best practice principles and might be useful for learners outside the UK, please note that it is based solely on UK guidance and legislation. Please make sure you also adhere to relevant legislation applicable in your own country.