Certificate in the Fundamentals of Pedagogy for International School Teachers

Image of Stephen Burnage
Stephen Burnage Expert practitioner, consultant and trainer
Course 4hr 35min 11 modules

Developed by Stephen Burnage, expert practitioner, consultant and trainer, this course is designed to provide international school teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of pedagogy and support them to undertake their roles effectively.

CPD Certified

This course, developed by leading expert Stephen Burnage, is designed for new teachers working in international schools or those aspiring to do so. The course will build a strong foundation in pedagogy tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by teaching in an international context. Those taking this course will be better equipped to create inclusive, engaging, and effective learning environments for pupils from diverse cultural backgrounds. 

If you would like to develop your knowledge and skills in this area further, you can take our ‘Intermediate Certificate in Pedagogy for International School Teachers’ course. 

Please note: This training course consists of learning through video, task completion, and further reading/research. Please consider this when planning and allocating your time. To successfully understand and achieve the objectives of the course, learners are expected to engage in all aspects of the learning process and complete all relevant activities to ensure they can successfully apply the knowledge and skills they have gained in their own school.