Meet improvement and inspection requirements in your special school

All of our training and resources have been designed in line with the latest Ofsted and wider government guidance around inspections and improvement to help your special school support compliance and meet regulatory standards.

Ofsted School Inspection Handbook
Ofsted guidance on inspecting schools and academies under the education inspection framework
Ofsted Education Inspection Framework
The framework sets out Ofsted's inspection principles and the main judgements that inspectors make with respect to schools
Pupil Premium
Funding to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in state-funded schools in England
Area SEND: Framework and Handbook
Ofsted framework and handbook that set out Ofsted’s inspection principles, guidance and the main judgements that inspectors make when inspecting area SEND
High Needs Funding
Funding that supports provision for pupils and students with SEND who require additional resources to participate in education and learning

Raise standards in your special school across all areas, manage improvement and prepare for inspection

Clarify roles and responsibilities, upskill staff and make sure everyone in your special school has the knowledge and skills they need to work towards enhancing school performance and evidencing compliance.