Meet statutory requirements for your secondary school in health and safety

All of our training and resources have been designed in line with the latest Ofsted, HSE and wider government guidance around health and safety to help your secondary school support compliance and meet regulatory standards.

Health and safety: advice for schools
Guidance to help schools understand their health and safety responsibilities and duties in line with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
Fire safety risk assessment: educational premises
Guidance about completing a fire safety risk assessment for people responsible for educational premises
First aid in schools, early years and colleges
Guidance for employers in early years, schools and colleges on carrying out duties relating to first aid issues on their premises and off-site
Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school
Statutory guidance about the support that pupils with medical conditions should receive at school
Standards for school food in England
Guidance that explains how legislation applies to food provided within schools, the role of governing bodies, and the legal requirements for food provided across the school day
Managing asbestos in your school or college
Guidance that helps schools and colleges understand their duties in relation to asbestos management in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
Storing and disposing of hazardous chemicals in schools
Practical guidance for teachers, technicians and other staff involved in the delivery of practical science, including the purchase, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals
Standards for school premises
Guidance to help education settings understand their obligations in relation to the School Premises Regulations 2012
Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools
Guidance on how schools can buy, install and maintain an automated external defibrillator
Emergency planning and response for education, childcare, and children’s social care settings
Guidance on how nurseries should plan for and deal with emergencies, including significant public health incidents and severe weather.
Health protection in children and young people settings, including education
Guidance for staff on managing cases of infectious diseases in children and young people settings, including education

Raise standards in your secondary school across all areas of health and safety

Clarify roles and responsibilities, upskill staff and make sure everyone in your secondary school has the knowledge and skills they need to take action and employ best practices in all areas of health and safety.