Meet staffing and recruitment statutory requirements for your primary school

All of our training and resources have been designed in line with the latest DfE and wider government guidance around staffing and recruitment to help your primary school meet its statutory requirements and support compliance.

Keeping Children Safe in Education
Statutory safeguarding guidance which provides guidance outlining the legal requirements settings must adhere to with respect to safer recruitment practice
Equality Act 2010: Advice for Schools
Guidance to help schools understand how the Equality Act affects them and how to fulfil their duties under the act
Staffing and Employment: Advice for Schools
Guidance to help with managing staffing and employment issues, and making decisions, in schools and academies
Flexible Working in Schools
Guidance to help employers develop and implement flexible working policies and to support employees who want to request flexible working in education settings
Induction for Early Career Teachers
Statutory guidance for appropriate bodies, headteachers, school staff and governing bodies on providing induction arrangements for early career teachers
Early Career Framework
The framework of standards that sets out what early career teachers are entitled to learn about and learn how to do when they start their careers
Initial Teacher Training (ITT): Core Content Framework
The framework that defines in detail the minimum entitlement of all trainee teachers

Raise standards in your primary school across all areas of staffing and recruitment

Clarify roles and responsibilities, comply with safer recruitment practice and make sure everyone in your primary school has the knowledge and skills they need to build a supportive environment and encourage career development.