Meet statutory governance requirements in your independent school

All of our training and resources have been designed in line with the latest ISI, DfE, Ofsted and wider government guidance to help independent school governing bodies achieve compliance and meet their legal requirements.

Competency Framework for Governance
Guidance on the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for effective governance
Governance Handbook
Guidance that sets out the government’s vision and priorities for effective governance, including the board’s legal duties and core functions
Governance Structures and Roles
Guidance explaining how governing boards are structured and descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of members
Statutory Policies for Schools and Academy Trusts
Guidance on the policies and documents that governing bodies and proprietors of different settings must have
Due Diligence in Academies and Maintained Schools
Best practice guidance around due diligence to make sure all stakeholders understand the information needed to informed decisions about transferring a school into a new academy trust

Raise standards in your independent school across all areas of governance

Clarify roles and responsibilities, upskill the whole governing board and make sure governors and trustees at your independent school have the knowledge and skills they need to deliver effective governance and become the driving force for high education standards and positive pupil outcomes.