Meet your statutory requirements in administration and finance

All of our training and resources have been designed in line with the latest DfE and wider government guidance around school administration and finance to help you meet your statutory requirements and support compliance.

Data protection in schools
The policies and processes settings need to protect personal data and respond effectively to a personal data breach
Convert to an academy: documents for schools
A collection of documents from the DfE that schools converting to an academy will need as they go through the conversion process
Working together to improve school attendance
Guidance to help schools, academy trusts, governing bodies, and local authorities maintain high levels of school attendance including roles and responsibilities
School suspensions and permanent exclusions
Statutory guidance on the suspension and permanent exclusion of pupils from local-authority-maintained schools and academies

Raise standards in all areas of administration and finance

Clarify roles and responsibilities, upskill staff and make sure everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to become efficient and effective in all areas of administration and finance.