Image of St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

Case Study:
St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

St. Ignatius School is known throughout the Cayman Islands and beyond as one of the leading educational institutions in the community.  

The school started 2024 with an annual membership of The National College, gaining instant and unlimited access to our multi-award-winning training and resources for all staff. Francesca Earl, CPD Lead, joined us to discuss how the school has benefitted from our platform so far. 

Joining The National College 

Located in the Cayman Islands, St Ignatius Catholic School provides an exceptional education to over 690 pupils. 

Francesca said: “We are a Catholic international school that follows the UK curriculum. It’s quite a small school, but growing rapidly. 

“We start from early years all the way through to post-16,” she added. 

The National College takes all the hassle out of CPD delivery and management with a unique, cost-effective option for educators: all resources available via one provider and one platform. 

Our membership offers instant and unlimited access to our library of webinars, courses, guides, and resources, delivered by education and online safety experts of national and international renown, to help education establishments meet their statutory requirements and drive up standards. 

Francesca revealed: “Last year, we started looking at how can we formalise our performance management and structure policies and procedures in a way that actually has impact. 

“We launched our new performance management policy this last term and we're calling it Gift for Growth,” she continued. 

“We didn’t want to make it an annual meeting, or a paperwork exercise. We’re closely aligning the CPD aspect with time provided for staff to reflect on their progress so far.” 

“We were looking at what platforms are available and, with COVID and being on a very small island, our resources are much narrower compared to larger schools,” she said. 

The only professional development platform international schools will ever need 

Our membership can significantly reduce the cost of staff training, providing the whole school workforce with access to thousands of webinars, courses and resources on one platform, for one price. 

Francesca said: “A key aspect for us was to look for a programme that can be accessed remotely, as flying overseas to complete courses is not feasible for every staff member.” 

“The National College is a very well-known organisation, and I completed several of your courses when I was becoming a middle leader,” she enthused. 

“You have a fantastic reputation.” 

“We have colleagues in our school who have worked in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They have all attested to the high quality of The National College and the CPD that you offer,” she continued. 

“We thought it was a great platform that really covered all bases for our school.” 

Driving up standards with the latest in pedagogical best practice 

Francesca commented: “There aren’t many options out there that support all the different pedagogical needs, as well as subject-specific needs. That was our biggest challenge. So, we found that The National College was certainly the best out of the options that we explored at the time.” 

“We feel that it works really well for us,” she said. 

“Having such a wide library of resources, with so many areas of professional development, is fantastic. It gives staff the autonomy to look at what is most important to them professionally and what will support their needs.”