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Case Study:
St Christopher's School Bahrain

With our One Platform membership, all staff at St Christopher’s School Bahrain have gained unlimited access to over 2,600 webinars, courses, and resources, developed in conjunction with world-leading experts and available on demand.

Aneil Peswani, Head of Digital Learning, joined us to discuss how the school has benefitted from our award-winning professional development platform.

St Christopher's School Bahrain

St Christopher's School Bahrain provides an exceptional education to over 2,300 children and young adults aged 3 to 18, and from 70 nations.

Aneil said: “We are an international school in the Middle East on a very small island called Bahrain, which is very close to Oman and Saudi Arabia”.

“Our school has been around since 1961, so is very well established,” he continued.

“We have around 250 teachers and 406 members of staff, I believe, with about 2,000 students.”

“My role is the Head of Digital Learning, so that encompasses a lot of things,” he commented.

Aneil continued: “I organise training for staff, students, and parents about computing and online safety. Also, I work with the leadership to develop our enrichment programme and what we offer to our students and staff over the year”.

Professional development that benefits all school staff

At The National College, we take the hassle out of CPD delivery and management with a unique, cost-effective option for educators: one provider, one platform, and one price.

Our One Platform membership provides instant and unlimited access to over 2,600 webinars, courses, guides, and resources, delivered by education and online safety experts of national and international renown, to help education establishments meet their statutory requirements and drive up standards.

Aneil said: “We decided to join The National College and look at what we could do in terms of staff development and CPD.”

“Professional development is a huge focus for us. We have a CPD coordinator in both the primary and secondary schools,” he continued.

“We have a staff meeting at the beginning of each year and look at our priorities for the whole school, then for individual areas and departments.”

“It’s important that our staff can explore their own personal interests, too, with relevant training,” he continued.

“You are very well known and recommended by a lot of schools. So, we’re happy to be part of that and we feel confident in what you offer our school.”

“The flexibility of your platform was a big benefit and the fact that you are UK based and have a lot of content available for international schools,” he continued.

“You have a clear definition between UK and international resources, which we don’t often get with other providers.”

“The training and resources from The National College are very current and based on feedback from existing users too.”

He added: “There is something available for everyone on the platform.”

With The National College, school leaders also gain access to CPD management software unlike anything else on the market: an online space where they can take full control of planning, directing, recording, and reporting on all CPD activity in just a few clicks.

Aneil commented: “The watchlist feature is really powerful too, as you can build up your organisation and put the staff members into relevant user groups to recommended training”.