Image of Deal Parochial CE Primary School

Case Study:
Deal Parochial CE Primary School

Deal Parochial CE Primary School places a huge focus on ensuring that they deliver high-quality and informative CPD to their staff.

Nichola Pettitt, Pastoral Support Officer, joined us to discuss how the school has utilised their School Membership with The National College so far.

Joining The National College

Deal Parochial CE Primary School places a huge importance on ensuring that they deliver high-quality and informative CPD to their staff.

Nichola explained: “At the beginning of lockdown, some people would work from home, and some were coming into the school.”

“So, our headteacher looked at various training options that she thought might be useful for the school. That’s when we signed up for The National College.” she continued.

“Since the beginning of lockdown, I’ve certainly taken full advantage of the training which is available.”

“I don’t have any problems at all with The National College. I receive regular emails to let me know about new webinars or relevant courses too.” she nodded.

A wealth of CPD

Nichola added that The National College offers bespoke professional development, with individuals able to utilise our webinar and course programmes to fit their own specific needs: “I browse specific topics, such as safeguarding and mental health.”

“I’m a bit of a sponge and love to learn, so I spend a lot of time searching for webinars on the platform.” she said.

She continued: “Usually, I am looking for specific CPD. The delivery is fantastic, and the experts seem very knowledgeable.”

“We are provided with a wide range of training opportunities. Some will be signposted and directed but otherwise, we are free to access any additional learning that we would like to.”

She said: “At the end of the last academic year, we were advised to use The National College for things like first aid and food hygiene. We love that it’s updated annually, and the flexible approach is fantastic.”

“We share useful courses and webinars amongst the staff members and share best practice there too.”

Nichola revealed: “I’m always pointing staff members towards The National College.”

At The National College, we pride ourselves on the flexibility of our CPD, which allows staff to undertake training on the go, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The school have found this invaluable: “It’s great that you can complete the CPD at a time which suits you. Having the flexibility to do that as and when you have time is brilliant.”

“The biggest benefits for me are the flexibility and range of topics.” she affirmed.

She continued: “It’s always up to date and is updated in line with the latest guidance.”

“There are new webinars and courses being added all the time too.” Nichola said.