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Chivenor Primary School

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Chivenor Primary School has a strong tradition of being welcoming, diverse and vibrant, aiming to provide the widest possible range of activities and experiences for the children.

In addition, the school places a huge focus on ensuring that they deliver high-quality, informative professional development to their staff. Dawn Cox, Deputy Headteacher, joined us to discuss how the school has benefitted from joining The National College and gaining unlimited access to a wealth of expert-led webinars and courses.

Accessing high-quality CPD

Reflecting on her role at the school, Dawn said: "My role involves providing CPD to our staff, which is where The National College comes in."

"We can signpost our staff to complete the training online, which is great,” she explained.

She added: "We've tied The National College in with our performance management targets this year too."

She nodded: "It's great from a directed CPD point of view and from a personal perspective, if there were any areas that they would like to explore themselves."

Online safety training and resources

Chivenor Primary School has benefitted from our multi-award-winning online safety training and resources, which can be accessed by the whole school community.

Dawn revealed: "With National Online Safety, we really like the #WakeUpWednesday guides."

"We share those on Twitter too, they're really nice visual guides,” she continued.

She commented: “It's great to keep parents and carers up to date with the latest apps, games and devices."

"It provides online safety training and knowledge for them at home, which is great,” she said.

She continued: "If there is a new online safety risk, you can find the latest information on there."

"Time is precious and it saves us a lot of work,” she confirmed.

She added: “We find the training very useful too. We may ask our staff to complete a course in a specific area, to make sure that they are aware of the latest online dangers."

"It's important to keep their online safety knowledge up to date,” she highlighted.

Moving forward with The National College

Discussing the benefits of our membership, Dawn reflected: "We find the platform very useful because it is subject-specific."

"I think the biggest benefit is that the new platform is regularly updated. There is so much available in one place.” she said.

"Our staff can go online and complete any CPD that they are interested in, and it provides evidence for their performance management review. It's very useful."

She continued: “There is new content being released all the time, which is great."