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Case Study:
Tenby International School (Ipoh)

Case Study International - School Leadership Leading CPD

Tenby International School (Ipoh) places the utmost importance on safeguarding of its pupils.

Becoming a member of National Online Safety has empowered the whole school community to respond to current online developments - using the variety of resources available on our platform.

Selvamary Asurvatham, Designated Safeguarding Lead, joined us to discuss the highlights of their journey so far.

Tenby International School (Ipoh)

Selvamary said: “I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Tenby International School.”

“My role requires me to take care of students and ensure that they are safe and happy in the school.” she revealed.

She continued: “If any issues are identified by the teachers, they report it to me and then I will look into it.”

“We are under ISB, the International Schools Partnership. They were using the platform, so that’s how we started using National Online Safety.” she said.

Exploring the National Online Safety platform

Reflecting on her role at the school, Selvamary said: “As I’m the DSL, I do Safeguarding training for everyone at the school.”

She said: “There are topics covered by National Online Safety which enabled me to assign those courses and webinars to staff, so that we didn’t need to spend time on face-to-face training.”

It can be difficult to keep abreast of the latest changes in an ever-changing digital landscape. Tenby International School appreciates the importance of a strong online safety education.

“Overall, the content is great.” Selvamary revealed.

She nodded: “Almost everyone has completed the courses that I assigned, and the knowledge that we have gained from those is very good.”

“National Online Safety has helped us to create awareness of online safety within the school.” she declared.

She continued: “I have completed quite a number of courses before assigning them to staff, but I haven’t managed to explore everything yet because it’s been very busy since we returned to the school.”

Excellent customer service

At National Online Safety, we pride ourselves on having a readily-available team on hand to provide support when needed – Selvamary was quick to praise this.

She revealed: “When I needed support with our membership, I contacted someone from National Online Safety and they really guided me.”

“The customer service team are extremely helpful, as they pointed me in the right direction on how to assign webinars and courses to staff members.” she nodded.

She continued: “The platform is very easy to navigate too, but when I have needed help, there has been somebody available to assist me.”

A wealth of resources and training

Utilising our multi-award-winning online safety resources, the staff at Tenby International School have been able to deliver both engaging and informative content to the children.

Selvamary said: “I think there is a range of great training and resources in the platform which can be used in school.”

“The teaching staff are aware of what they can access and use within the classroom too.” she added.

She continued: “If I find a particularly useful webinar or course, I will pass that on to our school staff.”

“When I found that there was a wealth of information available, for all staff, I thought that was really helpful.” she summarised.