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Case Study:
Conwy County Borough Council

Case Study

With technology continuously evolving, Conwy County Borough Council needed a proactive approach towards keeping children safe online – and ultimately opted to enrol in our Certified School programme.

Thanks to a Certified School Membership with National Online Safety, the Council has been able to share up-to-date online safety information on issues with school staff and parents.

We spoke to Joy Chiplin, Digital Information Officer, to find out how Conwy County Borough Council have utilised our award-winning online safety training and resources.

A change in routine

With remote education comes fresh challenges for schools, as educators adapt to a new way of teaching. This includes safeguarding.

"The Conwy Youth Service is part of the Conwy County Borough Council,” Joy explained. “We would normally be in youth clubs, going into schools, delivering sessions, but COVID-19 meant that we weren’t able to do any of that."

"I’ve talked to young people who were gaming all night: because they didn’t have to go to school, their routine changed."

Online platforms, games and apps frequently reinvent themselves – so it can be difficult to stay abreast of every new development.

Joy reflected on the issues facing parents throughout these unprecedented times: "For parents working from home, it's difficult to keep an eye on what children are doing all of the time."

"We’ve seen behavioural issues where young people haven’t been able to cope with the lack of routine," she continued.

Sharing online safety resources

Conwy County Borough Council is keen to empower all staff members and enhance their online safety knowledge, which is something our programme offers in abundance.

“We wanted to make sure our staff could get up-to-date information on online safety issues," Joy confirmed.

New apps, games and devices are constantly in development and, for a staff member or parent, trying to inform a child about each potential risk can be a challenge. National Online Safety’s weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides have continued to offer a constant source of reliable information.

Joy nodded: "The #WakeUpWednesday series is really good. I've shared a few of those on social media that I’ve noticed were appropriate."

"We’re in the process of creating session plans, taking information from your resources that are relevant," she revealed.

Regular updates and relevant topics

At National Online Safety, we continually update our resources and training to accurately reflect the ever-changing digital world.

This approach is one that’s echoed by Conwy County Borough Council, who have used our resources and training to fulfil this commitment.

"The biggest advantage is that you update information. You've got content always going on there: it's topical and it's recent," Joy commented.

"With internet safety and online safeguarding, it’s so important to be up-to-date."