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Case Study:
Kellett School

Kellett School was founded in 1976 as a not-for-profit association by like-minded parents, in order to provide a high-quality British education to the English-speaking community in Hong Kong.

Samuel Spencer, Digital Technology Lead, joined us to discuss how the whole school community has benefitted from gaining access to our library of multi-award-winning training and resources.

High-quality CPD that upskills staff, drives improvement and meets global challenges

Samuel said: “We used The National College in my previous school, so I brought that across when I started a new role as Digital Technology Lead at Kellett School.”

“A large part of my role is to look at our online safety and CPD provision,” he continued.

“We had a cyber attack in 2020, and ever since then we have really focused on boosting our security and making the whole school community aware of the potential dangers.”

The National College training and resources equip all school staff with the knowledge and skills to improve cyber defences, build resilience and keep data secure online.

“We’ve been very interested in AI too, and we find that your training and resources have been really timely. It’s something that we are quite focused on,” Samuel added.

Reflecting on staff response to our platform, Samuel said: “Staff feedback on your webinars, courses and guides has definitely been very, very positive. We ask our staff to complete their online safety training on an annual basis, and there is a huge amount of resources available for all of our teaching and non-teaching staff.”

“We find the mental health and wellbeing training really useful, too. It just gives us the flexibility to offer CPD to all staff, in all roles,” he nodded.

“The climate education and sustainability category has been really interesting, so I’ve been embedding that into our CPD offering for staff,” Samuel added.

Unlimited online training for all staff, in all roles, on one platform

At The National College, we take the hassle out of CPD delivery with a unique, cost-effective option for educators: one provider, one platform, and one price.

“The biggest benefit is that the platform offers such a variety,” Samuel commented.

“Our subscription covers a vast range of professional development.”

“Obviously, I'm going to be talking from an online safety perspective, but I know that there are so many other members of our community who have benefitted from every other category that you offer.”

Kellett School have found our platform to be invaluable for CPD management. Samuel explained: “The dashboard and reporting features have been a fantastic resource for our school.”

“We are able to direct our staff to relevant CPD using watchlists and user groups. We have groups for our teachers, middle leaders, and support staff,” he continued.

“This allows us to recommend CPD and assign statutory training too.”

“Staff have been able to explore their own interests and engage with whatever CPD they would like to, which is great. They’ve been able to bring that knowledge back to the wider school community,” he added.

“That’s had a huge impact for the pupils too.”

He continued: “Our parents play such a large, fundamental role in everything that we do at Kellett. What’s really nice is that the platform actually provides resources for them, too.”

“It’s allowed us to blend the lines and encourage everyone to work towards one vision and focus on our shared goals,” Samuel said.