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Westfield Junior School

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When determining their CPD priorities, Westfield Junior School identified the need to offer all staff the opportunity to access role-specific training, delivered by world-leading experts.

Nicky Oliver, SENCo, offered an insight into how The National College has provided the whole school workforce with immediate access to award-winning video CPD, keeping them informed of changes in the education sector.

An asset to the school

Westfield Junior School place a huge focus on ensuring that they deliver high-quality and informative CPD to their staff.

Nicky explained: "The National College is really valued at the school, as the CPD is available as and when you need it.

"It's really useful for me in performance management appraisals, as there is always something on the platform that fits with what they need," she stated.

She revealed: "There are a lot of teaching assistants in the school who come to me and recommend CPD from The National College.

"For example, the ‘An Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting and Teaching Pupils with Autism’ webinar." she added.

She continued: "We have used it for fire safety too, so it's certainly useful for a whole-school approach."

"There has been very little CPD available, not only because of funding but due to the pandemic," she explained.

She nodded: "It's great to have it all in one place from The National College."

"I've used it for mental health and wellbeing conversations too; we are definitely getting our money's worth!" She smiled.

Fantastic feedback from all staff

Our programme of webinars and courses is regularly updated in line with the latest policy, practice and research and is delivered in collaboration with education experts.

This has proven invaluable for Westfield Junior School: "Every teaching assistant has two targets that they need to work on in their performance management appraisal," Nicky said.

"We've had teaching assistants doing some of your languages webinars, the mathematics webinars and SEND related CPD too."

She revealed: "It's taken the pressure off me and allows me to take a personalised approach to CPD.

"Our headteacher provides time for CPD, and it's nice to have that opportunity to complete the CPD from The National College," she added.

Our state-of-the-art CPD platform allows staff to complete training remotely, and this is something which has really worked out for Westfield Junior School.

Nicky said: "Logging in to the platform is really easy - and it remembers my password too, so that I don't need to!

"I can pause the CPD and come back to it if something comes up, which it always does," she commented.

She continued: "Another useful thing is that there are supporting documents attached to the webinars and courses."

"That's great because it allows you to take something away after the webinar," she agreed.

She revealed: "It’s the huge variety of CPD that you offer and the flexibility too. There is so much available on the platform.”

“There’s something that can enhance everyone’s CPD, and the webinars aren’t too long either,” she nodded.