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Case Study:
Co-op Academy Manchester

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When the coronavirus pandemic hit, it left schools with uncertainty as to how they were going to continue rolling out CPD across their respective staff rolls.

With this in mind, Co-op Academy Manchester were searching for a comprehensive CPD package that would enable them to continue their professional development remotely.

Ultimately choosing our School Membership Package, the academy has been afforded both flexibility and accuracy through a constantly expanding suite of expert-led webinars and courses.

CPD in precarious times

Face-to-face training just wasn’t something which was going to be a possibility, but our state-of-the-art learning hub was something that alleviated this worry.

Joanne Roberts of Co-op Academy Manchester said: “There was uncertainty as to how long covid restrictions would go on for and if we couldn’t conduct our own face-to-face CPD, we wanted an alternative.

“Also there was the possibility of going into another lockdown and we still wanted to have something in place to be able to develop – the fact that it is constantly getting updated too means it’s current.”

An enthusiasm for development

Since the enrolment, staff have shown a great proactive approach towards completing CPD training which is relevant to them, as well as having that core of statutory updates too.

“I was informed the other day that Stoke Co-op also have it and were advising other Co-op schools within the trust of how good it was. We were able to say we already use it!” she explained.

“I have been running half termly usage reports and I have also started forwarding on alerts to relevant people and many of them have responded enthusiastically or were already aware of the courses/had scheduled in to complete.

“Even our governors have started using it – they usually don’t engage in much CPD!”

Cost-effective and time sensitive

Having the possibility to complete CPD at a time and in a place which suits each individual has been a game-changing functionality for the academy, who’ve embraced the fresh process which has been afforded to them.

Joanne stated: “Because we are unable to meet with others, it has been good to have this at our fingertips. As mentioned below, it is particularly good to be able to undertake CPD at out leisure as opposed to on a set time and date.

“The cost has also been significantly less.

“The courses are always changing, the option to learn at your leisure not when told to gives flexibility.”