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Wright Robinson College

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When determining their CPD priorities, Wright Robinson College identified the need to offer all staff the opportunity to access training anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Victoria Wright, Chief Operating Officer, joined us to explain how School Membership has benefited the college in terms of access to our intuitive, online learning hub and expert-led CPD programme.

Teamwork and community

Reflecting on the ethos and culture at Wright Robinson College, Victoria highlighted: "It is all about teamwork and community."

"Our CPD programme is very much about teamwork. We find out from the staff what they would like to see in terms of their CPD." she continued.

She added: "The National College has certainly been a big part of that."

"We wanted a provider that was flexible, with CPD that could be completed online."  

Flexible CPD

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided many challenges for the education sector, not least staff training.

Our state-of-the-art CPD platform allows staff to complete training remotely, and this is something which has really worked out for Wright Robinson College.

Victoria explained: "With COVID-19, that was something that accelerated our decision to join The National College with a School Membership."

"Even now, with things getting back to normal, The National College is and will always be a big part of our CPD." she stated.

"It's just a great way to add that flexibility to our training."

"Previously, if we wanted to arrange a safeguarding course for a particular group of staff members, it would be planning a venue, a provider, with cost and time implications." she said.

She continued: "Now, we can offer flexibility to staff and allow them to do that course with The National College."

"They have complete free reign in terms of when they would like to do that." she said.

"They have the option, so it's very good in terms of work life balance. Staff can arrange their training when it's convenient for them, with The National College."

"That's been a big positive and we've had fantastic feedback from staff on that too." she added.

A wealth of knowledge

Victoria said: "The breadth of courses and webinars definitely appealed to us too."

"We had a look at other training platforms, but nothing offered the variety of CPD that we get from The National College." she revealed.

"It forms part of our CPD programme."

"All new staff must complete the safeguarding and Prevent training from The National College." she continued.

Updates on the latest education policy and guidance

Our programme of webinars and courses is regularly updated in line with the latest policy, practice and research and is delivered in collaboration with education experts.

This has proven invaluable for Wright Robinson College: "We like the fact that you keep the CPD up to date."

"We see new releases of webinars and courses all the time."

"If there is new guidance coming out, we know that in a week or so The National College will have a webinar focused on that." she declared.

"It's very dynamic."

"It's not a platform that has been created with some courses on that are stagnant for years, it is updated very frequently, and we really like that about it." she highlighted.

Reflecting on staff feedback and engagement, Victoria revealed: "Feedback has been great. The content isn't too onerous, it's targeted and well balanced."

"Staff like the flexibility of the platform, and they appreciate how easy it is to browse and search for courses and webinars that are of interest." she said.

Highlighting the biggest positive of a School Membership for Wright Robinson College, Victoria said: "Pricing. Honestly, pricing. In terms of value for money, when you break the School Membership down, it was a huge benefit for us."

"That will continue to be a positive for us.” she added.