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Case Study:
Hampton College

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Hampton College discovered high-quality CPD available through The National College and ultimately opted for a school membership.

Alison Yeoman, Assistant Head of School, offered an insight into how our School Membership has provided the whole school workforce with immediate access to award-winning video CPD, keeping them informed of changes in the education sector.

A new approach to CPD

Reflecting on her own journey at Hampton College, Alison said: “I have been in a leadership position at this school for around 7 years.”

“Before the pandemic, we were spending a lot of money on external CPD providers.” she revealed.

She continued: “We were looking for a solution that was cost-effective and something that would enable us to cut back on supply staff in the school too.”

“We were sending staff members to London for CPD, and that incurred huge costs for supply and travel.” she said.

She explained: “Another school suggested that we look into The National College, and we started to explore that further.”

She continued: “I bought into The National College in January 2020, and we introduced it to our staff.”

“As we went into lockdown, it became even more useful because we didn’t have that on-site training, and everything was remote.” she added.

She declared: “It was ticking a lot of boxes for our school.”

“We showed the platform to our school staff and told them to explore the variety of CPD which was available.” she commented.

She revealed: “We found that we could save quite a lot of money and explore personalised training with The National College.”

Diverse CPD

The accessibility of our platform appealed to Hampton College, with our wealth of CPD available to access remotely via our state-of-the-art learning hub.

Alison explained: “It was very timely and was a useful platform throughout the lockdown, for the whole school workforce.”

“We’ll be looking to broaden how much online provision there is for CPD, rather than going back to the old days when staff members were heading to CPD sessions in London.” she commented.

Alison reported that all staff have been positive in their response to The National College’s School Membership: “Once we joined The National College, we saw that it was very user-friendly, and I haven’t had any negative feedback from staff.”

“We have decided to renew our membership too.”

Our programme of webinars and courses is regularly updated in line with the latest policy, practice and research and is delivered in collaboration with education experts.

This has proven invaluable for Hampton College: “There’s a lot of diverse CPD on there.”

Alison said: “The biggest benefit would be that there is always something available on the platform that we can direct staff to.”

“It’s great that it’s available on demand and to access remotely. It makes it very immediate and a lot more effective.” she nodded.