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Case Study:
Tettenhall Wood School

Offering an adaptable approach to CPD, our remote learning platform has given many schools the opportunity to manage and roll out high-quality training throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pinpointing this as a key reason in opting to purchase a school membership, Tettenhall Wood School have praised the streamlined way in which they can support staff, as they complete training remotely.

Assistant Headteacher Laura Watson spoke in detail about the excellent functionality of our platform and how it’s helped her in what are hectic times for educators.

Signing up to The National College

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Tettenhall knew they needed a platform where staff could access CPD remotely.

She explained: "We needed a CPD package that would support working at home and staff development.

“We’d exhausted all of our free CPD packages and when we knew that Covid was going to be here for a bit longer, I just started to explore different packages which we could buy into, which would offer us a whole school approach.”

Flexibility in challenging times

For Laura, just the ease of monitoring staff progression through our state-of-the-art learning hub took a huge time pressure off her shoulders.

“The platform allows me to see who’s logged in and what they’ve completed – which makes it fair for everyone,” she stated. 

“It allows me to identify gaps in learning and signpost staff effectively. Therefore continuing to develop the expertise of the whole workforce at Tettenhall Wood School.

“If staff do have children at home, it is hard to juggle home learning and undertake CPD, so we have taken a flexible approach to hours of work and when this takes place. The hub gives me a guideline to work to, because I can keep on top of things.

“I can also complete my CPD at home too, which is helpful in terms of a flexible way of learning for myself.

“From a manageability side of things it’s amazing – particularly when staff are working from home. Watchlists can be created and once they’ve undertaken the priority training, they’ve then got the option to go off and explore other areas of development.”

Designed with senior leaders in mind

Everything we do at The National College is geared around making life easier for busy governors and school leaders, while keeping them abreast of all of the crucial policy and guidance updates.

Laura paid testament to this and stated that her experience has been nothing but positive so far.

She declared: “The National College is certainly more manageable and time effective than previous platforms I have had experience in using.

“Having that whole school overview and being able to monitor what CPD has been completed on an individual level allows me to maximise the impact of the CPD.

“I’m able to report back to the Head Teacher and governors and inform them how much and what CPD has been completed by staff and what the impact has been.”