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Case Study:
School of Research Science

During the pandemic, schools faced many challenges in implementing COVID-19 protocols, such as organising sudden remote learning and applying social distancing measures. However, these changes were not limited to student experience: teachers were suddenly unable to attend CPD training which, during unprecedented times, was as crucial as ever.

Finding the right remote CPD training

The team at the School of Research Science in Dubai was glad to take advantage of our comprehensive range of high-quality video CPD training.

The team said: “Once we moved to distance learning and COVID protocols were in place, it became clear we needed to rethink how we would deliver CPD to our staff.

“We needed more flexibility as staff were adjusting to new ways of working. What had worked before COVID wasn’t going to work going forward. It was clear to us that online training was really taking shape. The National College is so very cost-effective in comparison to another site that we were previously joined up to.

“The National College is certainly a great support and highly accessible. We would not do without it now!”

The team reported that the best aspect of The National College was the flexibility that our app provided: “Having the ability to access training at any time and allowing staff to personalise their own CPD is great. The training is also up to date and current with leading educators and is all available at the touch of our buttons!”

Individual training

Our site and brand-new app allow training to take place anytime, anywhere, ensuring teachers and other staff can fit training around their busy schedules.

“The majority of the take-up has been planned during CPD and inset time and has been non-negotiable. Next steps will be for more of our staff to use The National College resources more independently to support their development and educational research.

“Staff will find the app helpful when using their iPads.”

Keeping abreast of the latest guidance

The DfE has presented a stream of new guidance and legislation over the last year to help schools adapt to the changing rules during the pandemic.

We make it our mission to be alert for such changes and inform the education sector as soon as new guidance or policies are introduced.

This has proven invaluable for the School of Research Science: “As so many things have been thrown at the SLT since the pandemic, it has been brilliant to have the safety net that The National College provides. They have ensured we haven't missed out on anything in terms of new policies and made it accessible and flexible for us.”