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Case Study:
St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School & Nursery

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St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School & Nursery discovered high-quality CPD available through The National College and ultimately opted for a school membership.

Rachael Coultart, Computing Lead, offered an insight into how school membership has provided the whole school workforce with immediate access to award-winning video CPD, keeping them informed of changes in the education sector.

Joining National Online Safety

Rachael recognises the central role which technology plays in a child’s everyday life.

Ensuring all key stakeholders are kept abreast of the latest developments in online safety, therefore, is key – as is providing them with the education to empower them in supervising children’s use of digital technology.

Rachael said: "I'm very interested in how we can use technology effectively, particularly in early years. It's become a bit of a passion."

"I want our learners to become confident with technology in the future." she said.

She explained: "I came across National Online Safety and saw your free resources, and then we decided to join as a Certified School."

"It was the demonstration that led me to join. I realised you get all of these training and resources for one price and thought that was fantastic." she continued.

A wealth of benefits

A whole-school approach to safeguarding is crucial for St. Nicholas Church of England Primary School & Nursery, and National Online Safety’s package fully aligned with the school’s values and ambitions.

Rachael explained: "You can watch videos together in a staff meeting and it's all accessible for everyone."

"The dashboard is fantastic as you can see who's completed what and when." she said.

She continued: "It's all accredited, which is great."

"We had used another online platform during lockdown, but it was a bit tedious." she added.

She explained: "The fact that it's real people delivering the courses and webinars, sharing their expertise, makes a huge difference."

"The lesson plans, resources and videos are great. The kids absolutely love them and really engage with them." she commented.

She said: “My son’s school had been sending out the #WakeUpWednesday guides. When I saw them on your platform, I realised where they had come from! Those are brilliant for parents and carers.”

“I can send those out weekly and it’s a really useful resource.” she added.

"I think the biggest benefit has been the support for staff. Having one place where they can go for online safety updates and information is fantastic." she nodded.