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Case Study:
Netherhall School

When determining their CPD priorities, Netherhall School identified the need to offer all staff the opportunity to access training anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Martin Barlow, Assistant Headteacher, joined us to explain how School Membership has benefited the college in terms of access to our intuitive, online learning hub and expert-led CPD programme.

Netherhall School

Explaining more about his role at Netherhall School, Martin said: “I’m Assistant Headteacher, with a responsibility for pupil premium and literacy.”

He continued: “I’ve held responsibility as Head of English previously, and Head of History too.”

“A lot of the webinars that I have watched on The National College have been around those areas.” he said.

He added: “The culture at the school has changed remarkably over the last several years.”

Joining The National College

Martin said: “We’re very lucky to have unlimited access to The National College, as a school.”

“It’s new to me, but it’s been a huge part of our CPD programme.” he added.

“CPD is a huge priority for our school, even more so this year. Staff members are taking ownership of their own professional development and learning." he continued.

He stated: "It’s become part of our day-to-day culture and ethos at the school.”

“If I see a particularly good webinar on the platform, I will recommend that to other staff members too.” he noted.

“The environment is very personalised, recognising students and staff as individuals. A big part of that is CPD.” he noted.

A wealth of benefits

Our programme of webinars and courses is regularly updated in line with the latest policy, practice and research and is delivered in collaboration with education experts.

This has proven invaluable for Netherhall School: “For me, it’s been the variety of CPD which is available on the platform.”

“It’s great that you can leave a review after each webinar or course too.” Martin added.

Martin reported that all staff have been positive in their response to The National College’s School Membership: “All staff members have appreciated having access to CPD delivered by experts in their field.”

“It’s a really helpful tool to have.” he said.

He continued: “Classroom teachers and middle leaders have accessed different areas of interests to them.”

“There’s been a huge focus on curriculum planning this year, and those webinars have been extremely helpful in that respect too.” he added.

He said: “I know from speaking to my colleagues that they have been recommending the CPD to each other.”

“We’ve found it incredibly useful.” he nodded.