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Case Study:
The Elmgreen School

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The Elmgreen School discovered high-quality CPD available through The National College and ultimately opted for a School Membership.

Stephen Haughton-Campbell, Head of Year 7, offered an insight into how membership has provided the whole school workforce with immediate access to award-winning video CPD, keeping them informed of changes in the education sector.

Exploring our award-winning platform

Stephen said: "I am the outgoing Head of Year 11, and I had that year group since Year 7."

"They're going to be having their GCSE results day this Thursday, and I am now going to be taking on a new group of Year 7 students."

He continued: "I've had a couple of weeks in and out of school over the summer break, and I've used that opportunity to get myself up to speed in terms of CPD that would be useful in my role, particularly as a middle leader."

"CPD is a high priority in our school. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge." he added.

A wealth of benefits

Education guidance and policy updates are frequent and, at The National College we respond in a timely manner, distilling complex information into user-friendly webinars and courses.

For Stephen, this has been an invaluable benefit.

"There are always changes in DfE guidance that you need to be aware of too; CPD is very important." 

"Also, it's important for us to find our own CPD that we think will be useful in our individual roles. People are on their own learning journey."

Stephen revealed: “I have found the CPD you have available on the pupils’ transition to Year 7 extremely beneficial.”

“It’s been really helpful, and I am going to use those strategies with my new Year 7 group.” 

He continued: “It was such a useful session, and I’m really glad that I completed that webinar.”

A flexible approach to CPD

Stephen concluded by reinforcing just how valuable a resource The National College has been and will continue to be in the future for The Elmgreen School: “The biggest benefit for me is the accessibility of the platform.”

“It’s great that I can access the CPD remotely, and I don’t need to wait for a scheduled time slot.” he said.

“I can complete the CPD when I would like to, rather than needing to wait for a guest speaker or a scheduled day in the school.” he added.

“It’s great to be able to pause the CPD and return to it when it’s convenient for me.”

He continued: “That style of learning works well and allows me to take in a lot of information. It’s been a useful addition to my role.”

“It’s immediate, available on demand and the content is fantastic too.”