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Case Study:
Dubai Modern Education School

Founded in 1996, Dubai Modern Education School is a private co-educational school serving students from Dubai and the surrounding Emirates.

As a family-oriented and inclusive school, DMES commits to high-quality and sustainable education for its academically and culturally-diverse student population. Furthermore, the school places a high importance on providing tailored professional development opportunities for all school staff.

Andrew Scott, Head of Cycle for Middle and High School, joined us to discuss how The National College has supported all school staff to pursue their own areas of interest and develop their skills across a range of topics.

A one-stop shop for CPD training and resources

Andrew said: “We were looking for a one-stop shop for CPD, where all of the resources would be available in one place. The National College ticked all of those boxes for us.”

“The platform covers so many categories, including school leadership, mental health, SEND, junior teaching, senior teaching, and the UK curriculum,” he continued.

He added: “For us, we are able to find everything that we need in one place.”

“Plus, we can use it to monitor all staff and get a clear picture of how much CPD has been completed across the school,” he commented.

A collaborative approach to professional development

Andrew said: “We plan professional development collaboratively at the school.”

“Each Thursday, we allow our staff to log on to The National College platform and identify a specific area where they feel that they require professional development and improvement,” he explained.

He added: “We believe very strongly in personalised learning. This makes it bespoke to each teacher, and allows them to pursue their own areas of interest.”

“On Fridays, we provide time for the staff to engage with the resources that they have selected from The National College,” Andrew said.

“Occasionally, we have group sessions to enhance learning and understanding for a particular department. They may choose to meet and have a training session as a group, or it may be individual, and they will share their findings in a discission at the end.”

Empowering all school staff with tailored professional development opportunities

He said: “We find that the best part of the process with The National College is the opportunity for staff to download their certificates at the end. Each teacher has a folder, so that they can keep a record of their training. We monitor this as a leadership team to ensure that everyone is engaging in the learning.”

“One of the main advantages for us is that we are giving our staff ownership of their own professional development. We allow them to choose topics that are of interest to them,” he explained.

He continued: “It is important for us that we monitor the impact of the professional development and see whether the learning that the staff have completed is showing positive results in the classroom.”

“The biggest takeaway for us is that we are empowering our teaching staff and giving them the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional development,” he nodded.

Andrew revealed: “To conclude, I wanted to say that we are very grateful and appreciative of this fantastic resource.”

“We have benefitted and continue to benefit from the wide range of topics that you provide,” he confirmed.