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Earlier this year, we began launching our ‘Deep Dive into Curriculum | Intent, Implementation and Impact’ webinars, designed to support staff who oversee, plan and deliver their respective curriculums.

These webinars encourage staff to think about curriculum design, pedagogical practice and the impact their curriculum will have on pupils.

Tracie Raufi, who is the Assistant Headteacher for Curriculum as well an Art Teacher at New Forest School, spoke to us and revealed just what an informative impact our Secondary Art and Design ‘Deep Dive’ series has had on her as an educator.

A need to develop curriculum expertise

Delving further into Tracie’s own personal development, she says our webinar series was perfect, in the sense that it allowed her to tap into something which she loves – research.

She said: “I have been with New Forest School for 12 years and for seven years I’ve now been a qualified teacher. Since I graduated from university back in 2001, I always used to run art-based projects in the community.

“I love research, developing new ways of working and I’m always looking for something new and different – being an art teacher, I have the freedom to be able to do that.

“I’ve recently been appointed assistant headteacher for curriculum – which is where I am today.”

An incomparable webinar series

Having that expert-led CPD under her arm has given her the tools to be able to justify, firstly the intent, implementation and subsequently the impact her curriculum has on the children.

“Previously, I’ve never had to think about my curriculum, but now being assistant headteacher of curriculum, I have to have an understanding and be able to justify: ‘how, what and why’,” she revealed.

“I think I would have struggled to find something (training), because after watching your series, there’s nothing that I’ve dipped into before that even compares.

“It’s given me the ability to clarify and justify what I do and how I do it. We as art teachers have the ability to think outside the box, from a non-artistic point of view, to fit within the criteria that either a school or Ofsted are wanting us to fit into.

“It’s given me the confidence to say what is my intent, how I intend to do it and I can then justify it. It’s given me the theoretical belief and understanding behind everything I do, to be able to confidently justify my subject delivery.”

First-hand art and design knowledge

All three of the webinars from our ‘Secondary Art and Design’ series are delivered by Paul Carney, a Teacher and NSEAD registered art consultant experienced in delivering CPD and curriculum development.

Paul’s breadth of insight and expertise was something that Tracie had already experienced previously, and was delighted when she learned of his involvement with the series.

She explained: “Paul Carney, who delivered those three webinars, is someone who’s website I use as a resource anyway.

“So, as soon as his name popped up, I thought that the series was going to be good and knew that I was going to like it.

“The webinars themselves were really interesting and they got me thinking. A webinar needs to do that, whereas when you’re sat at one where you’re being talked at, you zone out.”

Eagerness to explore

Those aforementioned webinars have encouraged Tracie to further explore other subject areas and CPD, because of the quality she’s already witnessed.

“I’ve since watched the English ones since then as well and they were good. It gave me something to think about, it made my think and reflect and it’s given me the tools to continue what I’m doing and better develop my subject for my students,” she stated.

“I have a whole load of other webinars on my watchlist, such as Ofsted ones and other subjects too.”