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Tupton Hall School

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When determining their CPD priorities, Tupton Hall School identified the need to offer all staff the opportunity to access training anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Amanda Neville, Senior Assistant Headteacher, joined us to explain how School Membership has benefited the college in terms of access to our intuitive, online learning hub and expert-led CPD programme.

Growth for all staff members

Amanda stated: "We are a very large, fully comprehensive school."

Reflecting on what Tupton Hall School was searching for in a CPD provider, she said: "We were looking for CPD that was useful, relevant, accessible and affordable."

"The National College ticked all of those boxes."

She explained: "It's one subscription, in one place, and there are resources for all staff members."

"It's been a real growth area, and a big benefit for us is that it's not just for teachers." she added.

"The reason we chose The National College was the wide range of CPD that was available."

"There is everything, from CPD for our safeguarding team to CPD for our pastoral support team." Amanda explained.

Ease of access         

The accessibility of our platform appealed to Tupton Hall School, with reporting and monitoring available at the click of a button.

Amanda explained: "It's accessible on lots of platforms, you can watch the webinars on your phone too."

She said: "For many webinars, I've listened to them as podcasts too. It's provided flexibility, and I can listen to those in the car or on the way to meetings too."

"It's the ease of access."

She continued: "From an administrative standpoint, it's quite easy for me to enrol new staff members and change passwords."

"Also, it's easy to get CPD reports from the platform." Amanda added.

"I can go on the platform, check who has completed the CPD, download reports as a single central record, and send emails to those who have not yet completed the CPD, too."

"I can add external CPD too, which is an area that I may have not yet fully utilised." she commented.

Excellent feedback

Amanda reported that all staff have been positive in their response to The National College’s School Membership:

"Staff will chat to me in the corridor and mention the CPD that they have looked at, suggesting ideas for staff to go beyond the CPD that has been set." she said.

She continued: "One of the key things is that all of the CPD is accessible for the whole school workforce."

"People who are ambitious can browse the platform and look at other CPD that might still be relevant to their role." she explained.

She declared: "It's the increasing range of CPD that The National College are developing, and the ease of access."

"Putting those two benefits together makes it really easy for staff to take ownership of their own CPD, and use the resources available to build on their existing experience and future career aspirations." she finished.