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Clearwater C of E Primary Academy

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Aware of the risks that the online world can pose to their pupils, Clearwater C of E Primary Academy had an ambition to empower staff, parents, carers and children through high-quality online safety training.

Having explored our wealth of award-winning online safety training and resources, Kate Moss, Headteacher, ultimately opted to join us.

Benefits of a Certified School Membership

Kate revealed: "National Online Safety is a really helpful platform."

After considering the online world and its ever-changing nature, it was clear for Clearwater C of E Primary Academy that they needed to support their entire school community.

"There's so much out there in the online world that children have to be aware of," Kate nodded.

"It's such a vast area,” she continued. “We give online safety a high priority and it's embedded in our curriculum.

"The resources and training keep the whole school community up to date," Kate added. "I'm not a digital native, so I need a resource that will keep us all updated.

"With National Online Safety, there's somewhere we can go - and we know that it's all high-quality," she explained. "That's a key point for me."

“It was great to know that there was a fantastic resource that we can implement in our curriculum.”

“The difficulty is,” Kate elaborated, “if you aren’t aware of online risks, it’s hard to research them. National Online Safety allows us to be thorough and meet the needs of our children and their families.”

Personalised training and resources for the whole school community

A major benefit for Clearwater C of E Primary Academy was the Certified School programme’s role-specific training, with the ability to empower all members of the school community to keep children safe online.

Kate agreed: “It’s great that staff can dip in and out and each person is receiving bespoke CPD for their individual role. The fact that people can search the platform for what they need is fantastic.”

“Another thing is the fact that we can engage with parents and carers,” she continued. “To do that without National Online Safety would be extremely challenging.”

Kate noted: “The #WakeUpWednesday guides are excellent, and we always send those to parents. That was another huge benefit for me.

“The feedback is great from the whole school community. They know that there is a place to go for online safety information. Parents have been surprised at how interesting it is!”

She concluded: “Parents know that there is a resource there for them, should they need it. For our school, it’s knowing that we can access expert knowledge on online safety risks, in a flexible way. That is a real bonus.”