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With current online safety issues continuing to evolve, Yorkswood Primary School wanted to equip themselves with a way to empower pupils, parents and school staff with the tools they need to stay safe online.

As a result, the Solihull-based school purchased National Online Safety’s Certified School package and began rolling out our resources and training to the entire school community.

This month, their hard work was rewarded as they became an accredited school, following the collective completion of training from a vast quantity of users. 

Responding to the latest trends 

For Andy Tunstall, the Headteacher at Yorkswood Primary School, being on top of current concerns was a key reason for choosing to join National Online Safety. 

He said: “Although rare, one of our biggest concerns at the moment is online bullying, which occurs when children put something online to a friend that they shouldn’t. 

“We also had an incident involving Fortnite, where someone had stolen a cash pot in the game.

“Speaking from personal experience, I was anxious about online games like Fortnite and their use by my own children. I had heard stories and rumours,  but it was really useful to get a factual and informed insight from someone who could show me the pitfalls in a rational and engaging way. 

"Issues like sexting or up-skirting have thankfully not been issues that we have encountered yet, but being aware of the indicators is critical for good safeguarding practice.

“National Online Safety cover a very broad selection of online issues including online games, chats and things like that. I like the idea of somebody providing me with the information to provide to parents in a very accessible way.”

Protecting vulnerable pupils 

Protecting those who may be vulnerable to online dangers was a primary consideration for Mr Tunstall in signing up with National Online Safety. 

“We have a significant number of children in school who would be considered vulnerable. Ensuring their safety while online is a major consideration for us,” he explained. 

#WakeUpWednesday outreach 

Besides courses and training, our weekly #WakeUpWednesday series has given the school another means of providing informative and eye-catching online safety information to their community. 

When quizzed about the campaign, Mr Tunstall had nothing but good things to say. 
“When you started sending out your #WakeUpWednesday posters, we got curious about who was sending out these useful and eye-catching resources”, he explained.  
“When we found the extent of the programme we jumped at the chance to join up - I have children of my own and I have used many of the resources at home.  

“It’s great to be able to reach out to other parents and show them what to be aware of, which is why we started with the #WakeUpWednesday posters – they’re catchy and easy to access.” 

Achieving accreditation 

After the school’s collective efforts to become more proficient in online safety, Mr Tunstall says the Certified School achievement gives validation for everyone involved. 

“Working towards accreditation in this really important aspect of school work brings rigour, reach and recognition for the work that we are doing,” he stated.  

‘’We can’t wait to display our plaques.’’