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Case Study:
Wainwright Primary Academy

Case Study

Aware of the rapidly evolving online world and the risks it poses to children, Wainwright Primary Academy wanted to further develop their culture of safeguarding through a Certified School Membership with National Online Safety.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Attitudes Lead, Julia Hallam, explained the programme’s benefits and discussed how it has empowered the whole school community to keep children safe online.

Introducing National Online Safety

At National Online Safety, we’re consistently updating our resources and training – so that all our member schools remain up to date with the latest developments in the ever-changing digital world.

Julia said: “I'm a big advocate of National Online Safety myself, because it really helps me in my role, with all stakeholders.”

“There are so many ways we can share everything that National Online Safety has to offer,” she continued.

Free mobile app and #WakeUpWednesday

At time, trying to stay abreast of the latest online and tech trends can feel a little overwhelming.

This is where some of our bite-sized training has come into its own for Wainwright Primary Academy: specifically in the case of our weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides and our free mobile app for parents and carers.

Julia explained: “The introduction of the app has made information even more accessible for parents and carers.”

“I really like the #WakeUpWednesday series and the guidance that is coming through there,” she added.

“I have an A4 book that I've created with the guides; that's in the reception area, so that visitors to the school can see it too.”

“We know that the development of the online world is rapid, and we have to stay ahead of the curve – making sure that we’re sharing all information on these new games, apps and devices with school staff,” she confirmed.

Achieving Certified School Status

Reflecting on the overall achievement of being a Certified School, Julia says the primary feeling is one of pride, which will only spur everyone on to continue utilising our resources and training.

Julia explains that the accreditation has provided a real validation for everyone’s collective efforts.

“We're incredibly proud,” she smiled. “For everybody that has taken part in achieving that award, it gives us that confirmation that we’re being really proactive, and we’re making sure we're doing everything possible to educate our children and keep them safe online.”

“The plaque is put up in our reception for all to see. For us at Wainwright, it really gives us the recognition that we deserve.”

Bespoke training for the whole school community

Julia expressed her gratitude for the Certified School programme, highlighting the amount of knowledge, awareness and learning for all stakeholders involved.

“We're very grateful to National Online Safety for providing this package that is so robust. Everybody who’s accessed it has really bought into it,” she revealed.

Julia is also consistently impressed by the tailored nature of our training resources – something which she believes sets National Online Safety apart from the rest.

She explained: “The training is bespoke for all of our different staff members; it's so purposely set for all of our roles.”

“You're forever updating the content as well! It's so current, fresh and new.”

“We really appreciate the lesson plans. The staff utilise the links to other resources that accompany the plans and appreciate the accessibility of the package too.”

Julia concluded: “We’re very passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of our whole school community. We can see more of that being built in through National Online Safety.”