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Thornton Primary School

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Thornton Primary School’s National Online Safety Certified School Accreditation is a testament to their attitude towards keeping their children safe online.

Based in Bradford, the school have fully embraced all of our resources, training and free online safety guides – ensuring that their whole school community is engaged in online safety.

Recently, we spoke to Lyudmila Momot-Booth, Leader of Science and Computing, to see just how National Online Safety has impacted upon the school’s online safety provision.

Why did you choose National Online Safety?

National Online Safety is an excellent online platform that offers lots of resources for online safety teaching as well as CPD for teaching staff and other members of the school community.

What package/resources did you purchase and how did you find these?

It is called Annual Certified Community Package, which includes the whole school accreditation, a dedicated online safety eLearning Hub, lessons, resources and parent guides. Our staff, who are dedicated to staying updated on online safety issues, found all CPD courses very useful and informative.

The beautifully made lesson resources have been used by all teaching staff to reinforce all of the Computing national curriculum objectives in Digital Literacy. Posters and guides for parents and carers were liked by parents and governors.

How have you found the service from National Online Safety?

The staff are always friendly and happy to help. All our questions have been answered without delays and it is very easy to manoeuvre around the website.

How much of a benefit has National Online Safety’s resources been to your school?

All staff, children and our community have benefited greatly from using National Online Safety's resources. All schools should have such strong and supportive guidance with regards to online safety.

We’ve used figures from Children’s TV programmes in some of our lesson plans, how good has this been for the children in terms of providing a relatable source of content?

Our children enjoyed watching videos and doing the follow-up activities which has made it easier for them to retain the information they have learnt. They could comment on the characters they have seen in the video and it made a huge difference to their learning.

If you could draw one positive from National Online Safety’s resources, what would it be?

There is a variety of useful, child-friendly, interactive material as well as up-to-date online safety training for staff.

What is your feedback on our weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides? How would you say they’ve added to your e-safety approach?

These guides for parents and carers have been praised by all parents. They are a fantastic resource that gives such a deep overview of specific issues and aspects of online safety. Just amazing! Our school digital leaders (pupils from Y3 and 4) were eager to learn the information from some of these guides and couldn’t wait to deliver this info to all classes. Our Computing team have been posting these guides on our school social media which has increased awareness of NOS and the importance of online safety.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you so much for providing schools with such wonderful resources and doing what matters the most - providing educators, parents and children with such valuable knowledge about the fast-growing issues of online safety and mental wellbeing.