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Case Study:
The Charles Dickens School

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A whole school approach to online safety was essential for The Charles Dickens School, who recently achieved their certified school status.

Working with National Online Safety, the school were able to ensure everyone from teaching staff to parents and children to governors had a strong comprehension of how to stay safe online.

This has left all key stakeholders with a shared confidence in their online safety capabilities.

Clear online safety goals

The school’s strategy towards online safety was coherent, and their initial intentions focused on finding a provider who understood their needs.

Richard Morgan, Senior Deputy Headteacher: Behaviour & Attitudes at The Charles Dickens School said: “From excellent reviews, we ultimately chose National Online Safety. We researched and trialled a few other providers first.

“We wanted to improve students’ and all stakeholders’ online safety knowledge, and also ensure that our young children are aware of the issues and are safe at all times.

“The resources have been a great benefit. We are finding the weekly newsletter is really promoting online safety within our school.”

Empowering the whole school community

Our Certified School package provides a complete solution to adopting an effective approach to online safety.

Charles Dickens have been able roll out our award-winning resources and training to their whole school community.

“The package is good and provides decent resources that we use within our PSHE lessons and assemblies,” Mr Morgan stated.

“We also send a weekly newsletter to parents which helps support online safety. The training for the Pastoral Team, SENCO and DSLs have also been very useful.

“The weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides are excellent – we use these a lot.”

Ultimate accreditation

After meeting our requirements, we were delighted to award The Charles Dickins School with their certified school status.

Mr Morgan declared: “Achieving our certified status has been superb for us as a school. I talk to stakeholders about it all the time.”