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Case Study:
St Boniface’s Catholic College

Case Study

St Boniface’s Catholic College provides secondary education for boys in Plymouth and “is committed to striving for excellence in all its members through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum”.  

Wanting to broaden their online safety capabilities, they purchased our Certified School package and began to introduce whole school online safety training to all key stakeholders.  

Really embracing the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, the school gained their Certified School status earlier this year – an achievement that’s been testament to all of the collective hard work which has been put in.   

Starting an online safety journey  

As time progresses, risks related to children’s safety online evolve and increase in their complexity, which makes it all the more difficult for schools and those affiliated to keep abreast of the potential dangers.  

Through National Online Safety though, St Boniface’s have been able to remain updated and praised the package on offer.   

Director of Inclusion and Designated Safeguarding Lead at St Boniface’s Catholic College, Alison Savage said: “We chose National Online Safety because we wanted to be able to see if all staff had understood safeguarding and also to drill down into what parts they didn’t fully comprehend and therefore adapt our CPD.  

“I’ve used it for parents, staff and DSL.   

"We are low on funds, and so it was the Certified School package we purchased to engage all stakeholders and provide evidence should it be needed.”  

Comprehensive support  

Our aim at National Online Safety is to empower school staff, parents and children with the knowledge they need to understand online dangers and how best to react should an incident arise.  

At St Boniface’s we’ve been able to do just that, with both staff and parents alike buying into the ethos which we promote around the subject.  

“The resources have been a great benefit – they’ve enabled me as DSL to have an overview and allowed for easy access CPD,” she revealed.  

“We wanted to get the accreditation, enable all staff to be tested on CPD and also provide resources and support for parents.  

“We love the weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides too – they’re easy to send out to parents to keep all informed.”  

Achieving accreditation  

The school were elated upon receiving the news that they’d undertaken the necessary online safety steps to achieve their Certified School status and felt it validated the approach which had been implemented.  

She declared: “We are pleased that we have it and hope it benefits all of our students and parents.”