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Case Study:
Merrylands Primary School

Case Study

Merrylands Primary School & Nursery provide education to Early Years, Key Stage 1 and 2 students in Basildon, Essex.

Part of the Berlesduna Academy Trust, which is formed of seven local academies, Merrylands deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to the children in their care.

Access to the online world and digital devices is becoming more readily available for children of a young age and, in response to this, the academy recently acquired our Certified School Package as a way of feeding messages around eSafety to their community.

Commencing an Online Safety Journey

Introduction to National Online Safety came in the shape of our #WakeUpWednesday campaign, which had already made an impact at a fellow school that Merrylands had an affiliation with.

Jodie Wilkins, Computing Lead and Year 5 Teacher at Merrylands Primary School said: “I found National Online Safety after being asked to take over the computing lead at my primary school, joining a Facebook group ‘primary computing co-coordinators' where a member was discussing #WakeUpWednesday.

“#WakeUpWednesday is amazing! it is sent to each class every week on A3 for all teachers to read to their class each week, and to parents via our text system.”

Positive Early Indicators

The academy has already begun to yield the gains from our Certified School Package, with the implementation of eSafety training and lessons showing positive results.

Mrs Wilkins explained: “I can see that it is going to be a great benefit. I love the idea of sending the training to parents online and being able to monitor who is logging in.”

“I believe the Early Years Foundation Stage team are very happy with the actor speaking to the children.”

Continuous Support

Despite enrolling in the programme, National Online Safety have sustained the level of support available to Merrylands in supplementing their online safety provision.

“I registered my interest and was contacted by Vanessa. After my discussion with Vanessa, (in which she explained all the benefits) I realised that as a school we needed the benefits provided by National Online Safety,” Mrs Wilkins revealed.

“I have had a few questions before and after signing up and Vanessa has been extremely helpful, responding quickly and listening to my issues!”