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Lime Academy Abbotsmede

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Becoming an accredited school was validation for Lime Academy Abbotsmede, who’ve really engaged the whole school community with online safety training. 

Staff, parents and children have all enjoyed the use of National Online Safety’s all-encompassing certified school package, which has ultimately led to everyone having a better grasp of the dangers that exist online. 

Head of Year 5, Pete Davey, kindly took the time to speak to us about how Lime Academy have benefited from their membership.  

Why did you choose National Online Safety? 

We signed up in about January, because we realised how important online safety was, and we were trying to cobble together bits and bobs, which was proving very difficult. 

My Headteacher came across this and said that we should get on it. 

How have you found the service from National Online Safety? 

The team have been perfect! 

How much of a benefit has National Online Safety’s resources been to your school? 

It’s been invaluable.  

We include the guides in our newsletter each month, all the training as well is very good and very informative. 

The teaching assistants are also onboard, and we give them the time as well, which helps with the whole subject of child safety. 

It’s the perfect tool. 

If you could draw one positive from National Online Safety’s resources, what would it be? 

It’s the ease of access and having everything in one place.  

I can ask for advice if I want it and usually when I’m just about to ask for advice, I receive an email saying that you’re offering something else. 

What is your feedback on our weekly #WakeUpWednesday guides? How would you say they’ve added to your e-safety approach? 

They’ve been very good. As I’ve said, we put them on our newsletter and put snippets of other information on there. 

How much of a benefit has the ability to undertake courses and training on an online platform, in your own time been? 

Time is given to staff so that they can watch and undertake the training. It’s really easy for me to keep track of as well, so I can see exactly who has undertaken the training. 

We’ve enrolled parents onto the platform too, and they’re doing the online safety courses as well. I was pushing that a lot during lockdown, by contacting parents and we got a big take-up. 

How have you found the use of our new Online Safety Hub? What differences have you noticed from the previous layout? 

The hub has been absolutely fine and really easy to navigate through. 

You recently achieved your Certified School Status – how rewarding has it been to be awarded with this? 

It’s been very rewarding for me personally, because we’ve put a lot of time into getting staff and parents signed up. 

Also for the school too, and the senior leadership team were delighted that it had been done, which is great.