Image of Kingsford Community School

Case Study:
Kingsford Community School

Located in the heart of Beckton, East London, Kingsford Community School provides education for children aged 11-16.

Empowering all staff with up-to-date information on the latest statutory guidance and policy is essential for Kingsford, which led them in search of a provider who could deliver those ambitions.

Ultimately, they chose The National College and, after having strong video CPD engagement across their workforce, the school have yielded positive results.

Expert-led CPD for all

Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for schools to offer high-quality training to staff.

However, working with The National College has allowed Kingsford Community School to achieve just that, through our range of expert-led video webinars and Essential CPD courses.

Joanne Mackreth-Aylett, Deputy Headteacher at Kingsford Community School said: “We have purchased the School Membership package for all staff. We have directed staff to complete CPD based on their job, roles or specialism.

“As a school we have worked with the National College for a number of years and due to the current situation, we decided to extend the membership so that all staff can access the extensive range of CPD.”

Accuracy and efficiency

The ability for staff to complete any personal development enrichment activities on a remote basis was huge benefit for the school – this reduced disruption and enhanced the learning process.

These sentiments have been echoed by staff members too.

“Receiving accurate information is extremely important to us, and the possibility to complete training and courses online has been a huge benefit,” Joanne explained.

“There has been a very positive reaction from the staff in regards to their own development too.”

Continued assistance

There was a real air of gratitude from Kingsford in respect of the support that they have and continue to receive, throughout what are challenging and unprecedented times.

As we move forward and begin to prepare for a September return, the school are confident that they’ll be well informed from a guidance and policy standpoint thanks to The National College.

She revealed: “The service we have received from The National College has been very effective, and Olivia Finch has been a huge support with any administrative queries that we have had.

“The National College provided our school with an excellent range of CPD training and resources, which have been a huge benefit.”