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Case Study:
Dubai College

Case Study Leading CPD International - School Leadership

Dubai College, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is an award-winning school that provides first-class education for year 7 to 13 students. It has a long-track record of excellence and is the leading academic institution in Dubai.

The entry British school purchased National Online Safety’s Certified School Package in early 2019. They were actively seeking a way of empowering staff members, parents and pupils with the knowledge to understand and equip themselves against a multitude of risks which exist in the online space.

As part of their search criteria, the college had to consider if the provider could accommodate for affiliate Arabic families and would take into account topics which could be culturally sensitive – something they found our package and resources took into account.

A whole school approach to online safety in the UAE

Speaking about National Online Safety’s Certified School Programme and its benefits, Deborah Jones, Deputy Head – Pastoral for the school said: “The training and resources provided by National Online Safety are extensive and comprehensive; they are a welcome addition to the safeguarding needs of schools within the UAE. Online safety resources here are limited and those that are available can be extremely expensive.

“Their Whole School Community Programme provides everything we need, from courses and educational resources to lesson plans and monthly updates. The staff have found their online platform easy to use and we have found it to also be a vital tool in helping to engage parents, despite some initial concerns over topics which may have been culturally sensitive.

“Their level of customer support and guidance has been of the highest order and overall, I cannot recommend them enough.”