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Church Langley Community Primary School

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Church Langley Community Primary School place a strong focus on empowering their whole school community in online safety.

They purchased the National Online Safety certified school package so that they could roll out high-quality training and resources to staff, parents, carers and pupils.

After meeting the necessary requirements as part of the programme, Church Langley were able to achieve their Certified School Accreditation – much to the delight of the school.

A comprehensive approach to online safety

The Essex-based school were keen to take a whole school strategy when it came to online safety and found our resources to offer them everything they needed.

Hayley Hible, Year Two Teacher at Church Langley Community Primary School said: “We chose National Online Safety because, of all the programmes on offer, it was the most straightforward and easy to use. The extra resources for lessons and guides for parents made it a worthwhile investment.

“The courses have been interesting, informative and easy to follow. They’ve been prompt with updates where changes have arisen, such as new Ofsted developments or changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education.

“The resources have been a convenient tool for adding to our online safety teaching in both KS1 and KS2. We have shared numerous guides with parents, either as a printout or via our school website.

“Using figures from children’s TV programmes in lessons has definitely helped to keep the children engaged and the messages have been well remembered too.”

Ease of use for staff

A teacher’s life can be hectic so the school really appreciated the flexible approach to learning they could take when it came to understanding how to keep their children safe online.

“The ease of access and use for all members of staff would be one major positive to draw,” she explained.

“Personally, I find the ability to dip in and out of training a real benefit, as I am usually juggling a multitude of tasks at any given time!”

Ongoing support

At National Online Safety, we pride ourselves on empowering all those in the whole school community to be able to deliver online safety training to young people.

Mrs Hible and Church Langley have paid tribute to the constant communication and support that they’ve received from us.

Mrs Hible revealed: “Every member of staff I’ve interacted with has been incredibly helpful either on the phone or via email. We've received support for the initial setup, clarifying requirements and setting up users in a way that was suitable to our school.

“Just a big thank you to all the staff at National Online Safety who have supported us to achieve our certified status; we look forward to continuing to stay safe online!”