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Case Study:
Kew Woods Primary School

Case Study

Protecting pupils online is always a high priority for schools, but ensuring these practices remain in place remotely can provide new challenges.

Through our ‘Safe Remote Education’ accreditation, Kew Woods Primary School have been able to reaffirm their belief that the current steps they’re taking are the right ones.

The school spoke of the pride in achieving their accreditation together as a community and declared that it just goes to prove that their approach is one which they can continue to press on with.

Reaffirming belief

Impressed with the specific areas of focus within the accreditation programme, Kew Woods said it gave them the opportunity to assess their own curriculum offer.

The school explained: “The accreditation gave us some sort of robust system to check that what we were providing was the best offer we could.

“It looked at safeguarding, making sure that everything matched with our curriculum and it confirmed that it fit with our ethos and how we teach our curriculum – which was quite reassuring.

“Initially, it was like an audit for us, but we feel like now that it’s just ongoing CPD.

“The presenters talk in a way that you can really understand and had implications for your teaching, rather than just being about what the law said.”

Further opportunities

After a positive experience with National Online Safety, the Southport-based school are now excited to further empower themselves through our wealth of resources and training.

“Staff are enjoying it as well – particularly governors, who at times feel out of it, they’ve found the training really useful too,” they revealed.

“Some staff have even said that they’ve found training on the platform that they’d like to do – so we’ll be letting them do that in their own time.

“It’s been really useful, especially in the current climate as well, particularly because we don’t know at what stage we’ll have classes isolating again.”

Constant support

As ever, our support team have been on hand to offer help and guidance from an administration and technical point of view.

This was something Kew Woods couldn’t speak highly enough of.

They highlighted: “We’ve found the use of National Online Safety really straightforward to be honest.

“Whenever there’s been instances where we’ve not been sure of how to add staff or something along those lines, we’ve always been sent a guide or talked through how do it."