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Woodsetton School

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Woodsetton School is a welcoming school for pupils with moderate and complex learning, speech, language, and communication difficulties. The school aims to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children and adults feel safe and valued.

Catherine Harding, Deputy Headteacher, joined us to discuss how a School Membership with The National College has benefitted the staff and pupils at Woodsetton School.

Catherine said: "I'm Deputy Headteacher and I've been at Woodsetton School for 10 years."

"The National College was suggested to us by a colleague."

She continued: "We have 50 users on the platform, and the staff that were working from home throughout the pandemic were utilising that."

"The pandemic was the main reason that we chose The National College, due to the flexibility of the platform." she said.

"The safeguarding CPD was particularly useful, as we have many children with communication difficulties who perhaps can't tell us if something is wrong."

"The CPD from The National College keep us up-to-date with current legislation and guidance too." she commented.

"The supporting documents at the end of each training session are extremely useful."

"I am the DSL, so it's made my life a lot easier being able to direct staff to complete CPD in their own time." she added.

Certificate in the Role of the Senior Mental Health Lead (2021-22)

Our ‘Certificate in the Role of the Senior Mental Health Lead (2021-22)’ course provides senior mental health leads with a clear understanding of their role and supports them to develop a clear vision and strategic plan which effects change, helps enhance pupil outcomes and delivers greater emotional and physical wellbeing for all stakeholders.

Following the pandemic, Catherine completed our course and has provided fantastic feedback on how it has enhanced the mental health and wellbeing of pupils and staff members at Woodsetton School.

She said: "I completed the ‘Certificate in the Role of the Senior Mental Health Lead (2021-22)' course after the pandemic."

"It was my goal to focus on how we can develop positive mental health and wellbeing within the school." she continued.

She added: "I feel like I understand my role better after completing the course, absolutely."

"It was very clear, factual and really watchable. It wasn't a course that allowed my mind to wander, it was great." she enthused.

She continued: "I liked that at the end of each module there was an example of how you can implement the training into your action plan."

"The course laid the foundations for me of how to put a mental health and wellbeing plan into action, and I can use my own skills to personalise that and draft achievable targets." she nodded.

She commented: "It definitely had a positive impact and will enhance staff mental health and wellbeing too."

"It's improved our awareness of mental health, as a school."

She revealed: "I've sent our surveys to parents and staff around our mental health and wellbeing policy, after completing the course."

"The course has led me to look at decreasing teacher workload too, to improve the overall mental health and wellbeing of our staff members." she said.

She reflected: "The biggest positive of The National College is the wide range of CPD and the ability for all staff members to learn something new."

"I'm struggling to think of anything negative, it's really nice to see regularly updated CPD." she smiled.