Image of Mission Grove Primary School

Case Study:
Mission Grove Primary School

Mission Grove Primary School have been able to personalise their CPD offer, thanks to a School Membership with The National College.

The school, based in London, have a large pool of enthusiastic staff with a wide variety of ambitions and personal interest areas, and they’ve been able to fulfil these on our remote CPD platform.

Complying with their statutory requirements was equally as important though and, much in the same vein as those aforementioned extra development sectors, Mission Grove have met these too.

A school-wide CPD roll out

Soon after equipping themselves with a School Membership package, it was clear that the scope for learning was vast.

Gemma Kent, Deputy Headteacher said: “Initially we bought into The National College for our safeguarding leads, in order to keep up to date with both the statutory training and any subject knowledge updates.

“However, as we had the wider membership, we quite quickly rolled it out to staff. It’s something that we’ve now made part of our induction programme.”

“There’s lots being developed”

Guidance and policy updates are frequent and, at The National College we respond in a timely manner, through expert-led webinars and courses.

For Gemma and the rest of her staff, this has been an invaluable pro.

“National guidance changes quite quickly, but as soon as something is in place, there’s usually a webinar there,” she declared.

“You can see things coming ahead and that there’s lots being developed, with more subject-specific sessions that are really useful for our staff.”

Taking a collegiate approach

Word of The National College has been a topic amongst staff, with recommendations aplenty across the board.

She revealed: “I write a staff newsletter each Friday and several times support staff have come to me and said that they’ve found a certain webinar useful and practical for their role.

“Off their own back they’ve then wrote a little review which I’m then able to put in the newsletter and recommend it to their colleagues.

“It’s become something that’s quite collegiate that people are recommending to others.”

Possibilities to personalise

Another area of praise that Gemma was keen to highlight was that opportunity for personalisation – no matter the respective staff member’s role.

“It’s been really useful – particularly when people are isolating. They can do it from home, they can do it around any sort of childcare responsibilities which they have,” she explained.

“It also gives people the flexibility to take on more training.

“There are people who have got particular ambitions in their career path and things which they want to find out more about and develop further.

“We’ve been able to personalise our CPD offer for staff.

“Whatever their role, whether we're talking about senior leaders, middle leaders or some of our premises staff, the CPD we've been able to offer them directly impacts on their role and it all comes under the same price.”